Elected Officers serve May 1 to April 30.

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  • Provide the necessary leadership and guidance required to accomplish the JAA’s mission within the guidelines of the JAA’s purpose as defined in Article II of the Constitution.
  • Preside at all general, Board, and Cabinet meetings of the JAA.
  • Shall be, ex-officio, a member of all committees.
  • Be responsible for coordinating the planning objectives for the following fiscal year.
  • Enforce observance of the bylaws, decide all questions of order, offer for consideration all motions regularly made and perform such other duties as the office or the bylaws may require.
  • Screen and present proposed changes to the JAA’s Constitution or Bylaws.
  • Be excluded from voting at any general, Board, and Cabinet meeting of the JAA unless a vote is tied, in which instance the President shall cast the deciding vote.
  • Serve as the point of contact for the Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings Executive Management Center, Arnold Air Society National Headquarters, and Silver Wings National Headquarters.

Vice President


  • Be responsible for assisting the President as deemed appropriate.
  • Serve in the capacity of the President in the absence or disability of the President.
  • Be responsible for planning and coordinating staff activities.
  • Serve, ex-officio, as a member of all committees of the board.
  • From time to time shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the President, therefore, the Vice President shall familiarize themselves with the operation and management of the JAA in order to exercise the powers of the President as needed.
  • Serve as business chair at all meetings, and providing records of all Constitution and/or Bylaw changes.
  • Organize and present to the rest of the JAA’s Board all national award submissions.
  • Actively involve Alumni to help create a dynamic infrastructure of individuals willing to assist in the Scholarship Fund fundraising efforts.

Chief Financial Officer


  • Shall maintain the JAA accounting records and financial statements.
  • Oversee the maintenance of the system of internal accounting controls.
  • Oversee the receipt, safekeeping, investment and disbursement of the JAA funds in accordance with the policies established by the officers and the Scholarship Fund.
  • Serve, ex-officio, on all standing committees concerned with the financial affairs of the JAA.
  • Oversee the efforts of the JAA to raise financial support for the organization and the Scholarship Fund.

National Development Officer


  • Recruit new members to the JAA at NATCON each year.
  • Organize the annual Senior-Alumni mixer at NATCON.
  • Provide the JAA information forms to Arnold Air Society squadrons and Silver Wings Chapters, at their request.
  • Distribute welcome letters to new members.
  • Develop new local JAA Chapters and serve as a national point of contact for Area and Chapter Presidents.
  • Shall serve as membership coordinator insuring there is up to date information on each Alumni member.

Director of Public Affairs


  • Publish a quarterly newsletter for Alumni members, including updates on Chapter and squadron activities, ARCON and NATCON locations and registration information and ways for Alumni to get involved with local Chapters and squadrons.
  • Develop marketing materials that encourage donations to the Scholarship Fund.
  • Promote the JAA nationally.



  • Serve in the capacity of Recording Secretary at all meetings of the JAA to record voting records and business transacted.
  • Shall be responsible for giving notice of general, Board, and Cabinet meetings.
  • Prepare and distribute Board Meeting and National Conclave Minutes 48 hours after the conclusion of the meeting.
  • Retain and edit the National Headquarters Suspense Calendar for distribution to Region, State, and Chapter Presidents by 30 September each year.
  • Update the National, Region, and State leadership roster monthly and distribute to Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings counterparts when changes have been made.
  • Coordinate with National Chief Financial Officer and Development Officer to ensure all members have current JAA membership.

2 Year Trustees:

It is important for continuity to be maintained when there is transition of the other elected offices.  2 Year Trustee serves this purpose.  The 2 Year Trustee also will provide assistance to the elected officers as needed.

Two (2) of these positions will start and end on odd years.  The other two (2) will start and end their term on even years.

Michele Darchuk
Scott Hopkins
Emilee Truitt

Tech: Summer Folsom


  • Maintain website information
  • Maintain email list
  • Keep a backup of officer continuity.