Mentoring/Alumni Region Groups

Whether you have just graduated, or have decided a change in career, help is needed.  Many of us formed bonds during our years in the organization, and even if we don't know everyone, we're still family.  If you need help, there is now a wonderful Mentorship section in our Facebook Group  The option will be on the left side navigation.

Mentoring can also fall under different categories such as moving to a new area.  You may have questions and need help getting started there.  

In order to help organize Alumni in specific areas, we have created groups defined by regions much like Arnold Air Society and Angel Flight-Silver Wings.  This can be utilized for specific area fundraising, wanting to learn about an area you are moving to, and even have local networking and socials among other Alumni.

Below are the Regions in Facebook.  Regions for AAS,SW, and even AFA can change at times.  We would like to try to mirror that to possibly help the students also, but they may not always match up.

Region I -

Region II -

Region III -

Region IV -

Region V -

Region VI -

Region VII -

Region VIII -

Region IX -

Region X -

Region XI -

Region XII -