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Help Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings Fundraise for Air Force Aid Society

This year, Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings students across the Nation are actively raising funds for the Air Force Aid Society, which is The Official Charity of the Air Force.  The last time your organization did this was two years ago, and we raised more than $16,500.00 for serving airmen and their families.  This year, the national staffs have established an ambitious goal of $20,000.00, and we need your help!

Ask any senior officer or non-commissioned officer in the Air Force and they will tell you that the Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) Provides critically important services to our airmen when the need is greatest; in fact, hundreds of airmen and their families are being supported around the world by this great organization right now.  We encourage you to take a look at the AFAS website today at https://www.afas.org.

This year, the chapter and squadron donating the most during this fund raising project will send a representative with all expenses paid to Washington DC in April to present a check on behalf of Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings on stage at the Air Force Charity Ball.  This is always a fantastic event where hundreds of senior officers and enlisted airmen and leaders in industry gather for a night of giving.  Two years ago when Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings presented their check, the room erupted in a standing ovation!  Please help them get there again.

To help your favorite squadron or chapter and to ensure funds are credited properly to Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings, it is important that you only use the following link to donate.  This link was provided by AFAS for the exclusive use of AAS/SW and every nickel you donate will be used for our effort.



Alumni! We are conducting a survey to determine the demographic of the JAA with respect to civilians, military or retirees. Please access the link below when you have a chance to help the JAA out: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DHHT3TW

Mentorship Requests

We currently have students looking for Alumni that fit in the following criteria.

–Arnold Air Society Alumni close to Mississippi State
-Arnold Air Society Alumni from Mississippi State
-Angel Flight – Silver Wings Alumni near Auburn University
-Angel Flight – Silver Wings Alumni from Auburn University
-Alumni that have been at Elgin or are currently at Elgin
-Alumni that has a background in Defense
-Arnold Air Alumni from SUNY – Buffalo
-Alumni in the field of microbiology

If any of these requests you fall under, please go to here and fill it out https://goo.gl/forms/BXX0BeM8rDfCesuf1

Membership Discounts

Right now membership is half off.  Go to http://www.aasswjaa.org/join/ to fill out your membership application and pay for your membership.

Donate to the Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings Education Fund

Send donations to:
AAS-SW(AnF) Educational Fund, Inc
Attn: B/Gen Richard Bundy
9006 Judiciary Dr
Spotsylvania, VA 22553-2547
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