Monday, April 18, 2022

Alumni Updates

 Dear Friends/Alumni,

During the past 9 years there have been many changes with the Alumni Association and the Executive Management Center along with the National Alumni Consultants who advise students on the offices they hold. Some students haven't understood the difference between the NACs, and our Alumni Association. In 2017 we started sending any requests from students to us to the NACs, and asked not to contact students ourselves.

In the past we would receive articles and updates to send to Alumni, but the EMC and those that help the students have voiced they want to do that also to help with confusion. Some of you probably have had some communication with them. When filling out forms on whether or not you want communication from students, we have stuck to what has been requested. As a project the management center have been going through old forms of membership, and finding people to contact that way.

Since they have been managing the alumni student interactions, JAA started focusing on ways to help Alumni and have networking and social events at places where Alumni are local to. In the past we even had a test pilot on local Alumni chapters. The tests went well, but other goals came up that were more important at the time. When we were just starting to get that going again is when COVID started.

Now that things are hopefully returning to a little more normal, we were hoping to start with helping our alumni, and local networking and working with the Air Force Association. Many of our members are already AFA members. Some alumni in AFA thought that was the alumni association. It used to be for the Arnold Air Society.

We will be sending out more information in a few days with goals and the future of JAA.

Hope all is well with all of you. If you know of any alumni that need help, please let us know by emailing

AnF-AAS-SW Joint Alumni Association Board of Directors

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